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Pass along to others that which one has learned!

Inspirational Lecturer

Inspirational Lecturer

There is nothing more gratifying to one’s spirit than to pass along to others that which one has learned. Life experience of connection to spirit, extraordinary teachers, intuitive knowledge of what “works” and what does not are some of the ways I have learned to incorporate the energy from beyond our physical realm into giving and receiving “Messages from the heart of Spirit.” I have used these tools to give” inspired” (from spirit) lectures on topics such as developing one’s intuition, replenishing one’s spirit, and the “how to” of Tools for Transformation.

During workshops and public speaking events I have come to understand how impactful and sometimes life changing these messages of love, of hope, and of comfort can be those receiving these gifts. My own life has been transformed by this incredible connection to spirit and I therefore I have humbly accepted the role of passing these messages along to others and it has truly been an enriching experience.

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