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A small list of some services I offer


Services offered by Rev. Donna McEntee

Weddings, Ceremonies and Blessings

Inspirational Lecturer

As an Ordained Interfaith Minister it is my joy to perform ceremonies that are heart based and meaningful to those coming together in union with each other. After meeting and speaking with the couple, it is then my pleasure to ensure that each ceremony lovingly expresses the essence of their love for each other.

There is nothing more gratifying to one’s spirit than to pass along to others that which one has learned.  Life experience of connection to spirit, extraordinary teachers, intuitive knowledge of what “works” and what does not are some of the ways I have learned to incorporate the energy from beyond our physical realm into giving and receiving “Messages from the heart of Spirit.”

“It’s All About the Message” Workshops

I have done a series of Workshops such as the Replenish Your Spirit Workshop.

We will list upcoming Workshops on our site when we have them scheduled. You can also visit my social networking sites for more information as it becomes available.